Take care of yourself in a way that body and mind stay in balance all the time. Surprise yourself and find out how fast you can regain your life balance.


We love products without perfumes, parabens, formaldehyde, mineral oils, no PEG, lanolin, corticosteroids, silicones, phenoxyethanol, phthalates, triclosan, toluene, SLS, SLES, sulfates, without artificial flavors and aromas. We love harmless and we love clean.

We love premium, lab tested, cruelty free, vegan, pH balanced, analyzed, transparent. We love to manufacture in GMP production. We love consistent quality. We love to analyze.

We love balance, peace, flow, dreams, uniqueness, sensuality, self-care.

We love less plastic, reusable, recycled, sustainable, harmless, safe. We love beautiful, simple and nothing too much.

Maintaining balance in the body is a necessity today, and exceptional botanicals can help us.

In today’s world, we are surrounded by too much stress, tension, constant stimulation and anxiety. Our body and mind can get lost in the whirlwind of everything,

All this becomes more and more complicated and the body easily loses its balance. Getting back to your natural balance and reviving can sometimes be a challenge. Botanicals and science have given us the answer in the form of CBD and other cannabinoids combined with other botanical ingredients. CBD is known for its harmless, pure and naturally acting peculiarity that, it can have an effect on our senses to relax, forget our worries and on our body to find its balance again.

Our body is unique and inimitable. It is a universe of its own, completely dedicated to us. We can choose to change the course and rhythm in which our body develops from time to time. We can start again. And again. With a little help from nature and some thoughtful choices, our bodies can do wonders.

We can help with adding natural resources such as herbs, a healthy diet, exercise, a healthy, calm lifestyle, as well as a clean lifestyle. By introducing and applying harmless substances that do not burden the body additionally, it is easier to achieve satisfaction, health and vitality and balance. Let’s wake it up.

  • The most effective combinations
  • Botanical ingredients
  • Liposomal form of CBD
  • High concentrations
  • Less consumption

Nabie Boost Pack


Relieve and reboot. True therapeutic care and something for your complete reset. Energy…

Nabie Mind Reset Pack


An advanced combination of food supplements for a complete body reset. Focus and energy?…

Nabie Face Reset Pack


An advanced combination of skincare products for a complete facial reset. Relieve and reboot.…


Nabie Regenerating Oil + Arnica


CBD regenerating oil with arnica can be used for daily skin care. It is designed for…

Relieve stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety are a serious epidemic in the modern world. The rapid advances in technology are putting a heavy strain on our brains. The many stimuli that we receive daily in our brain accumulate and intensify day by day. A state of calmness and inner relaxation is almost impossible to achieve.

Clean ingredients – Clean products

Pure cosmetics simply do not contain secret ingredients and, above all, do not claim to be something they are not. Pure cosmetics is synonymous with non-toxic cosmetics, for something that cannot harm, can only help. Pure cosmetics are not necessarily natural or organic because synthetic ingredients can be safe and non-toxic.

CBD and skin

Studies show that CBD and other cannabinoids can be effective in soothing irritated skin, reducing inflammation and redness, helping to reduce the visible signs of aging, and have strong potential in clearing acne and treating many skin conditions (including atopic dermatitis, eczema, contact dermatitis, allergic contact dermatitis and chronic itching).


Antioxidants are also called "free radical scavengers". Free radicals are waste substances that cells produce during food processing and when exposed to environmental factors such as UV rays, pollution, cigarette smoke and other chemicals.

Deepen your dreams

Many people know the feeling of despair and exhaustion after a sleepless night – or worse, a series of sleepless nights. The next day, everything in life seems harder, it's impossible to concentrate, it's difficult to make decisions, things quickly throw us off track.

Extract of Silver fir branches – Belinal®

Belinal® is a patented premium herbal extract of Silver fir branches from pristine Kočevje forests in Slovenia. Belinal® is an exceptionally rich source of a unique blend of various polyphenols such as lignans, phenolic acid and flavonoids, many of which are powerful antioxidants.

Each Nabie product contains carefully chosen blend of bioactive ingredients.