We know the importance of different services for different needs. Always fully dedicated and professional. If you need new special product, even niche in very small series or made for mass market, we are here for you. We can research and develop for you, make a wonderful design, help you with coaching, find a matching packaging for your product, produce it on highest standards, analyse and monitor and help you with the paperwork too. We are here to help you from 0 to shelf. We do this all the time and we love it.

If you love our products to a point that you see a potential with distribution or selling, wish to become our ambasador, or maybe being a part of our team in a different way, let us know. If you own or rent a perfect spot and see it as a wonderful place for next Nabie home, maybe we can make it happen together. We love challenges and enjoy seeing beyond ordinary, we love opening new horizons and spreading our energy. If you see us as a potential partner, let us know.



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Are you looking for new private label skincare products?

We all know how long it takes to make a product. You can chose from different types of cosmetic/skincare lines of products. Maybe you only need one to upgrade your offer? We take care of the paperwork, make all the certificates for you, and analyse your products. Having a range of new, premium products is not a big deal any more.

Are you looking for new private label food supplements?

We can make tasty gummies, casual drops, powders, capsules, and fancy sprays. With variety of premade formulations we have options, ready for different markets. If you have a fantastic idea, that no one else made before, we can also help you with that.

Are you looking for your own Nabie Shop?

Are you thinking about opening a shop? We have it all ready for you. Find a perfect place and we can make it happen together. With our franchising model you get design, products, coaching of your staff, marketing support and you can start. Check out our NABIE CBD Shop in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

On demand R&D, design, coaching, production, analysis.

We offer you our services. Great creative team of experts of it fields can help you with parts of product development or make a whole pack for you. Let us know your needs and we can help you make it happen.

Niche, boutique products on demand

We love challenges. We love special things. We love to differ. We love to stand out. Do you have a special field and need a product? Unique approach can help you get something no one else has.

From 0 to shelf

Do you have an idea? You need a various range of products? We can ease your path. Our teams of experts can help you with idea, get all necessary paperwork, make a likeable design to stand out and get your products delivered to your warehouse. In shortest possible time.