Belinal® is a patented premium herbal extract of Silver fir branches from pristine Kočevje forests in Slovenia.

Belinal® is a patented premium herbal extract of Silver fir branches from pristine Kočevje forests in Slovenia. Belinal® is an exceptionally rich source of a unique blend of various polyphenols such as lignans, phenolic acid and flavonoids, many of which are powerful antioxidants. Scientists have so far confirmed more than 36 different polyphenols in Silver fir extract, and about 70% of the extract consists of polyphenols, most of which are lignans. Most of the polyphenols found in Belinal® have known biological, pharmacological and clinical effects and have been shown to contribute to health in many ways.

Our brains are particularly vulnerable to damage from oxidative stress. In oxidative stress, free radicals cause damage in cells, and in that case, active substances with these are crucial for maintaining our health and cognitive functions. antioxidant activity. Belinal® is one of the strongest antioxidants. Scientific studies have shown that Belinal® has greater antioxidant power than resveratrol, twice as much as vitamin E and four times as much as green tea.

In addition to its strong antioxidant effect, Belinal® has been proven to help relax the smooth muscles of brain vessels, has an anti-inflammatory effect and can thus help improve brain functions.

Belinal® is also a clinically proven and patented skin care extract. Due to their low molecular weight, polyphenols penetrate the skin extremely well and thus effectively protect the skin from aging.

Studies have shown that Belinal® has a strong antioxidant effect, stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, and has anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects. As a powerful natural scavenger of free radicals, Belinal® stimulates cells to increase their antioxidant power, capturing and neutralizing free radicals before they can cause oxidative stress.

Belinal® je prvovrstna učinkovina v negi kože z dokazano učinkovitostjo, kar je bilo dokazano v s placebom kontrolirani klinični študiji:

za 34% zmanjša volumen gub

za 34% povečan sintezo kolagena in elastina

za 43% poveča elastičnost kože

za 41% zmanjša hiperpigmentacijo

za 26% poveča vlažnost kože

za 20% zmanjša izgubo vode preko kože

za 9% povečana zaščito pred poškodbami kože zaradi UV žarkov

In addition to the body and skin, the hair is also exposed to many harmful impacts of every day, such as the sun, pollution, dyeing, brushing… UV rays cause fiber degradation, affect the pigment melanin and the protein part of the hair (keratin) and cause the formation of free radicals. All this leads to changes on the surface of the hair, to the breakdown of proteins and fats, oxidation of fats, to changes in color and shine, and to mechanical damage to the hair. Antioxidants have been used in research to improve the mechanical properties of hair, preserve color and shine, and protect it from harmful environmental impacts. Thus, antioxidants (such as Belinal®) can protect the hair from signs of aging, the appearance of gray hair, hair loss and stimulate the growth of new, strong hair.