How CBD behaves in our body (professionally we call it pharmacokinetics, which includes absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination – ADME) depends on the pharmaceutical form and the method of administration. CBD is a highly lipophilic substance – meaning it mixes well with fat.

CBD is rapidly distributed to the lungs, heart, liver and brain. It can accumulate in adipose tissue and with chronic application, prolonged action may occur due to release from adipose tissue. The distribution of CBD throughout the body depends on:

  • age,
  • sizes,
  • body composition and
  • from the permeability of the cryo-tissue barrier.

Because it is lipophilic (dissolves in fats), it can cross the placenta and into breast milk. It is mostly metabolized in the liver and is mainly excreted in the feces, to a lesser extent in the urine. It has a long elimination half-life (24+/-6 h), even 5-7 days with chronic administration.

Delivery method

If CBD is inhaled (e.g. with a vaporizer), CBD enters the blood directly through the lungs and thus avoids first-pass metabolism in the liver. Attention! CBD drops are not intended for inhalation, as particles of fat in which CBD is dissolved can seriously harm us. CBD liquids for vaporization are produced using different processes and are adapted for this type of application.

Bioavailability*: up to 56%
Effects: immediately
Duration: 2-4 hours

Sublingual application
With sublingual application (drops, spray), CBD is partly absorbed into the blood through the oral mucosa, and partly consumed.

Bioavailability*: up to 35%
Effect: 15 minutes
Duration: 4-6 hours

Oral application
CBD has very poor bioavailability (availability) when ingested – oral application (p/o) as it undergoes intense first pass metabolism. When CBD is consumed, it is first absorbed through the intestinal wall, from where it goes to the liver, where it is intensively metabolized. It then travels from the liver into the blood and the amount of this CBD that enters the blood is very, very small. This CBD is then distributed throughout the body via the blood and mediates its effects. To a certain extent, bioavailability can be increased by simultaneously consuming food, or food after consuming CBD, as fats increase its absorption.

Bioavailability*: 6-19%
Effect: after 60-90 minutes
Duration: 6-8 hours