Relieve stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety are a serious epidemic in the modern world. The rapid advances in technology are putting a heavy strain on our brains. The many stimuli that we receive daily in our brain accumulate and intensify day by day. A state of calmness and inner relaxation is almost impossible to achieve.

Clean ingredients – Clean products

Pure cosmetics simply do not contain secret ingredients and, above all, do not claim to be something they are not. Pure cosmetics is synonymous with non-toxic cosmetics, for something that cannot harm, can only help. Pure cosmetics are not necessarily natural or organic because synthetic ingredients can be safe and non-toxic.

CBD and skin

Studies show that CBD and other cannabinoids can be effective in soothing irritated skin, reducing inflammation and redness, helping to reduce the visible signs of aging, and have strong potential in clearing acne and treating many skin conditions (including atopic dermatitis, eczema, contact dermatitis, allergic contact dermatitis and chronic itching).


Antioxidants are also called "free radical scavengers". Free radicals are waste substances that cells produce during food processing and when exposed to environmental factors such as UV rays, pollution, cigarette smoke and other chemicals.

Deepen your dreams

Many people know the feeling of despair and exhaustion after a sleepless night – or worse, a series of sleepless nights. The next day, everything in life seems harder, it's impossible to concentrate, it's difficult to make decisions, things quickly throw us off track.

Extract of Silver fir branches – Belinal®

Belinal® is a patented premium herbal extract of Silver fir branches from pristine Kočevje forests in Slovenia. Belinal® is an exceptionally rich source of a unique blend of various polyphenols such as lignans, phenolic acid and flavonoids, many of which are powerful antioxidants.

Research Nature Institute

For us, product development does not end with its placement on the market. If you want the products to be of consistently top quality, then it is necessary to analyse them at various stages of production, research them throughout and check quality in different phases and timelines.

What is CBD and how does it work?

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the main cannabinoids naturally present in the cannabis plant. Hemp consists of 1064 active ingredients, among which more than 240 are cannabinoids (new ones are still being discovered), some of which are psychoactive, and the vast majority are non-psychoactive.

How CBD behaves in our organism

How CBD behaves in our body (professionally we call it pharmacokinetics, which includes absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination - ADME) depends on the pharmaceutical form and the method of administration.

Difference between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil

Hemp oil is not the same as CBD oil. They are prepared from completely different parts of the plant. Hemp seeds, hemp oil and hemp milk (which are made from hemp seeds) are rich in nutrients and fatty acids and are a unique choice as a food supplement, but do not contain cannabinoids such as THC and CBD.

Differences between individual types of cannabis

Depending on the purpose of use, the terms "industrial" hemp and "medical hemp" have somehow been artificially created, but they differ mainly in terms of THC content

The history of cannabis

Hemp is most likely one of the first plants cultivated by man. In the past they didn't have clinical researches, they didn't look at numbers and statistics - they just observed and learned. The list of health problems for which cannabis was used can be a good guide for us, as it includes not only centuries, but thousands of years of experience. Let history be our teacher!