We strive to make Nabie one of your decisions to bring back balance.

Nabie started spontaneously, with immense creativity and a desire to create something different. We gathered together and devised ideas with extraordinary energy. Products that stand out, not only visually, but also because they can help and not harm in any way. And this energy didn’t die out, but only strengthens. We take on new challenges willingly and happily and want to become recognizable by the fact that we care.

Nabie Shop Ljubljana:In the strict center of Ljubljana, Nabie has its own space, its own place, its own home. You can find all our products in the Nabie store along the main promenade along the Ljubljanica river, on Cankarjevo nabrezje. Nabie staff will be happy to explain everything about us, about our products and about our philosophy, and from time to time we also organize special meetings, trainings, consultations and get-togethers. Follow us for updates.

Nabie Shop: Cankarjevo nabrežje 25, 1000 Ljubljana
Address: Pharma G d.o.o, Arkova 5, 1210 Ljubljana, Slovenija
Email: info@nabie.si

Petra Marinko, CEO, founder and owner

Petra Marinko, CEO, owner and founder of the company Pharma G and various brands NABIE, NABIE S, ABIE S, ABIE S TRU and MINKA comes from the world of architecture by profession. An experienced project manager, who has worked as an architect, designer and entrepreneur since 2007, entered the world of food supplements, skin care and cosmetics in 2018. Together with a selected and passionate team of scientists, researchers, doctors, pharmacists, cosmetic experts, she created her own premium line of products. With an architectural approach, she formed a team of experts from various fields. Together, they constantly research the markets and look for what is missing on the market and what could be improved. With their own formulations, innovations and constant search for new, active ingredients that increase the effectiveness of the products. Driven by ecological and nonharmful approach she is committed to follow the clean products philosophy and today she is a leader of a group, creating products from 0 to shelf in a short time, making it as harmless as it gets. Perception of “clean” products in Slovenia, her home country is still conservative so she is constantly trying to raise awareness about importance of this and giving a lot of effort to promote alertness about the effects of pesticides, heavy metals, petrochemicals and other harmful ingredients. Group leader and creator that stands out with different approach and puts a bit of herself into every product and service that they offer.

Tanja Ažman, Head of international business development

Tanja is distinguished by her passion and interest in work, always looking for new opportunities and opportunities for development. She is communicative, flexible and extremely dedicated to her work. She upgraded her pharmaceutical background by studying economics. She has valuable experience in sales in pharmacies, in the field of pharmacy, pharmaceutical consulting and working with customers, as well as sales and promotion of luxury cosmetics brands. Later, she additionally specialized in the marketing field, where she participated in marketing research and the preparation of marketing campaigns for various brands. With her passion for cosmetics, healthy lifestyle and a holistic approach to health and well-being, she embodies the philosophy of the Nabie brand. Young, but always fearless, full of ideas and readiness, she takes on every challenge and in the company takes care of communication with key customers, the development of international business and the expansion of the brand to foreign markets.

Katarina Plausteiner Đorđević, M.D., Medical department Manager

Katarina is a medical doctor with 15 years of practice, specialising in family medicine and has been working closely with the company Pharma G since 2019. As a practising physician she has always looked outside the realm of orthodox medicine, exploring alternative branches of medicine to be able to find the perfect balance between the two. She strongly believes in preventive medicine. Katarina is an important part of the team, with her medical knowledge and insights on understanding the reasons behind the effects of our products.

Dr. Tina Mele, R & D Manager

Tina has PhD in Medical sciences and worked as researcher at Medical faculty at University of Ljubljana in field of pharmacology, as assistant professor at University of Primorska and later on in pharmaceutical industry. As a hobby she started to study herbal medicines 7 years ago, implementing the knowledge in her everyday life and now she is committed to this professionally. Due to scientific background and natural curiosity she intensively studies botanicals, their effects, safety and use hand in hand use with science, tradition and common sense.
In 2015 she published first peer revied scientific review article about Cannabis in Slovenia – New Indications and Development of Cannabis – based Medicines, which led to some shift in minds also in medical profession.
She is passionate about sustainability, ecology and perfect as a group leader about non – harmful approach and raising the awareness about importance of this.

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