NABIE CBD Gummies / 10 pcs


In order to make CBD readily accessible for all to find out what is the effect of CBD and other cannabinoids on the individual, we have created CBD gummies.


This is also the most accessible way to try CBD. We gave a droplet of 5% CBD a form of a small bear and a pleasing natural taste of raspberry so that hemp flavor is almost impossible to perceive.


Packed in convenient aluminum container, Nabie gummies can be carried with us and kept at hand at all times. Gummies contain also vitamin C, which contributes to immune defense, reduces tiredness and fatigue and plays its role in the functioning of the nervous system.

NABIE CBD Gummies / 10 pcs


    The recommended daily dose is one gummy. Store in a dark and cool place. Do not exceed the recommended daily amount.


    The nutritional supplement is not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Keep out of the reach and sight of children!


    Glucose syrup (sweetener), sugar (sweetener), pectin (gelling agent), citric acid (acidity regulator), black carrot juice, natural aroma, vitamin C (40% RDA per gummy), CBD within organic olive oil (full spectrum, super critical CO2 extraction, THC less than 0,2), carnauba wax + sunflower oil (glazing agent).


    10 x 2mg CBD / 25 g