Carefully thought-out pure/harmless formulations designed by a team of experts combine science and botanics.

When we found out what we put on ourselves and how harmful even everyday products can be, we decided to offer only what is really safe, harmless and clean.

Formulations without toxic ingredients and their combinations and a harmless but effective approach throughout the formulation process are our specialty because we carefully study every single component and process. We know very clearly what we don’t want in products, and sometimes that’s the most important thing. Searching for clean alternatives, which are usually much more expensive, is also time-consuming. It happens that we complicate the process to the extent that we check the soil in which something grew, something that almost no one even thinks about. As nature is our inspiration, we strive to achieve its purity, high absorption and biological compatibility. We check all the ingredients for you, analyze them, carefully control them and carefully incorporate them into the products. It’s easier for us too, because we know we’re not doing any harm.

Because everything you put on your skin and in your body is quickly absorbed, we take the best ingredients that the earth has to offer and combine them in such a way that they enhance each other’s effects, and all this in a harmless way. We consider the combination of science and nature to be extremely important, and we try to incorporate purity into this. A team of people deals with this throughout the entire process, as we want to ensure our standard and constant quality and be recognized for this.

With luxurious textures that reveal intoxicating scents, our ingredients shine and elevate you to a state you'll never want to come back from.

Cannabinoids and other botanical extracts

We got fascinated by cannabinoids. How they work, the impact they have on our bodies and the magic of synergy when they work together. We use full-spectrum or broad-spectrum Cannabis Sativa hemp extract in our products. We do not use synthetically produced cannabinoids and isolates. We believe in the synergistic action of cannabinoids with terpenes, flavonoids, polyphenols. In order to improve the effects, we use other full-spectrum botanical extracts.
For each product, we select a number of active ingredients, that each independently has the effect we want to achieve. When we combine them, we get very highly concentrated, super effective combinations with a specific purpose.

Thoughtful clean formulations

All our products are manufactured under the strictest GMP and ISO conditions, same as the ones used to manufacture medicines. All ingredients are checked, all products are carefully analyzed, we also analyze each individual batch. For us, product development does not end with its placement on the market shelves. If we want the products to be of consistently top quality, then it is necessary to analyze them in the various stages of production. That is why we cooperate with the Research Nature Institute in Ljubljana, which performs various analyses, researches, studies of ingredients, procedures for us. Thanks to this collaboration, we can offer analyzes of different levels of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, microbiological tests and other research of active ingredients in our products. All products are subjected to thorough scientific analyzes with procedures and thus can guarantee their constant quality.

Sustainable packaging

By thoughtfully packed products in a sustainable packaging, with materials that can be recycled, with as little plastic as possible, also to reduce the transfer of microplastics into the products, we adequately protect the valuable content and give them the elegant, luxurious designer look they deserve.